Best Shampoo for Detoxing Your Hair of THC

You will not have to be scared about the use of a sample of your hair for a drug test after reading this write-up (if you are a drug user). This is because there are efficient methods for you to beat hair follicle drug tests available online. In the future, you will definitely be taking such tests without the feeling of anxiety, knowing that you have done the needful.

Hair follicle drug tests are more reliable than other methods of testing for drug toxins because of various reasons. A known fact is that drug toxins can remain in the hair (follicle) for as long as 3 months, even though the substances are no longer in the body fluids (blood, saliva, urine, etc.). This is why more laboratories have started adopting the method in recent times. Read more about that here.

It is necessary to be prepared for such tests as they may be conducted unexpectedly. You may not get notified by your employer, probation officer, or whoever is requesting for your compliance in a test.

The most frequent scenario is usually a test by a law enforcement officer while you are behind the wheels or using any other means of transportation on the road. You may be stopped and asked to take these tests, which may lead to an arrest in the case of non-compliance.

With the use of the right shampoo, you are sure to rid your hair of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) effectively. This drug is one of the most popular psychoactive substances used by millions of people all over the world. It is a recreational drug that has often been subject to controversy, regulatory tussles, and so on.

One of the major topics that have always been brought to the table is the medical benefits of the substance. The World Health Organization Expert Committee (WHO) has considered this in the past. At their 33rd meeting in 2003, THC was transferred to Schedule IV of the Convention in recognition of its medical uses.

THC is the component in marijuana/cannabis that is responsible for its psychoactive effects. It works like the natural cannabinoid chemicals produced in the human body. Cannabinoid receptors are concentrated in certain areas of the brain. This ensures that there are certain effects that are felt by a marijuana smoker.

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Detoxing for Personal Reasons

The effects of marijuana make it a popular recreational drug, but the risks associated with its usage are not widely known by smokers. It is a fact that cannabis is considered to be one of most commonly used illicit drugs globally. Some countries are enforcing regulations against its use, while some have made regulations guiding medical marijuana usage. Risks associated with cannabis use include the following:

  • Relapse in schizophrenic symptoms
  • Impaired motor skills
  • Decrease in intelligence quotient (IQ)
  • Bad memory
  • Poor cognition

In view of the above, you may feel it is necessary to undergo detoxing for personal reasons. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) detox programs require you to purchase detox kits yourself. You may use pills, tablets, drinks, or a combo kits. However, for full body detox, you would need a specialized shampoo to cleanse your hair completely. Make an informed decision when selecting the best product you can find online.

Apart from the above reason, you may want to undergo regular detoxing because of reasons such as impromptu tests coming up as mentioned earlier. Other reasons are listed below:

  • Employment purposes
  • Occasional tests in your place of work
  • For gaining admission into an educational institution
  • Requests by law enforcement officers, probation officers, or others

There can also be a case in which the test is scheduled with just a few days or weeks to prepare. You do not need to get desperate in the event of such appointments. You can start abstaining from drug use and detoxing now with the aid of a shampoo that works for such purpose.

Methods like blood and urine drug tests are not considered reliable by laboratories because of many incidences of inconclusive or false-positive results. It has been concluded that it is very easy to adulterate the samples or mask the presence of toxins in them. This is why impromptu hair follicle drug tests are increasingly becoming the norm.

The fact is that if you abstain from drug use without detox shampoo for a drug test, you may fail the test conducted in a lab. You have to be proactive by washing your hair regularly so as to beat any impromptu testing game.

Now, you do not have to worry about getting arrested or losing out on the opportunities that life presents just because you failed a hair follicle drug test. It is advisable to practice abstinence or light smoking, though the latter is still your best bet. Regular detoxing (internally and externally) should be done.